Moving with children

Each parent thinks first of all about the welfare of his/her child. That is why many moms and dads often ask themselves the question: where will my child live better?

Alanya has long been one of the best and most comfortable cities to live on the Mediterranean coast. There are many reasons for this: ideal value for money, long warm summers, long swimming season, clean coastline, a huge number of historical sites, organic products, pleasant climate, etc.

Benefits for health

Scientists have proven that the sea has a beneficial effect on the body and strengthens the immune system, which is a very important factor for growing organisms. Alanya is known for its hard-working farmers who supply the markets with the freshest fruits and vegetables harvested from their own gardens. It is impossible not to note the benefits of mountain air, thanks to the Taurus Mountains, which are spread around the peninsula.


There are 258 educational institutions in Alanya, including preschools, primary, secondary schools, and 30 lyceums, of which 17 are private. The Turkish school system is similar to the European school system. Schoolchildren begin to go to an educational institution from the age of 6 and study 12 classes. If you are worried that it will be difficult for your child to get used to it, you shouldn't. At an early age, it is much easier to learn a foreign language and integrate into a new environment. For parents worried that their children will not receive a foreign education there are kindergartens and a schools with different languages that prepare for the Unified State Exam and issues a foreign diploma.

The City Hall organizes many different masterclasses and courses, both private and public.

Property selection

We will find and help you choose the most suitable property for you and your family. Alanya has a huge selection of residential complexes with a closed area and security so that your children can play safely and stay in the yard.


We investigate all customers wishes in detail to find ideal property .


The main advantage of real estate is a stable, passive cash flow.


By purchasing property in Turkey, it's possible to obtain citizenship within a few weeks.


Why You Should Work With Armoni Homes?

Armoni Homes was established by Sönmez Jewelry Construction and Tourism Limited Company. Our Company provides professional help regarding investment, construction, renting and realty purchase & sale. By offering construction and real estate services in various countries, we fulfill every request of our customers since the day our company was established. Our company, which always offers the most reasonable solutions in real estate commerce, has gained trust with the services it offers for many years. It is a fact that owning a realty in Turkey does not only mean a quality and luxurious life, it is also a great investment for the future and we try to turn this fact into an opportunity for our valued customers.