A free tour

For a person who wants to buy real estate, it is extremely important to feel the atmosphere and see the place, where he can buy a future home.

Therefore, we have prepared a personal tour for you, during which we will introduce Alanya, a traditional kitchen, and property objects to you. The duration of the mini-trip is about 3-4 days.

What is included in our trip?

  • We will help with organizing a flight from your country to Turkey
  • Excursions in Alanya and its attractions
  • Transfer: airport-Alanya-airport
  •  Accommodation in a comfortable apartment
  • Meals in the best restaurants in Alanya, acquaintance with traditional dishes
  • Free consultation on all questions of interest from a Russian-speaking manager

If you buy a property from our company, we will reimburse your costs for economy class tickets.


We investigate all customers wishes in detail to find ideal property .


The main advantage of real estate is a stable, passive cash flow.


By purchasing property in Turkey, it's possible to obtain citizenship within a few weeks.


Why You Should Work With Armoni Homes?

Armoni Homes was established by Sönmez Jewelry Construction and Tourism Limited Company. Our Company provides professional help regarding investment, construction, renting and realty purchase & sale. By offering construction and real estate services in various countries, we fulfill every request of our customers since the day our company was established. Our company, which always offers the most reasonable solutions in real estate commerce, has gained trust with the services it offers for many years. It is a fact that owning a realty in Turkey does not only mean a quality and luxurious life, it is also a great investment for the future and we try to turn this fact into an opportunity for our valued customers.