The process of purchasing real estate

The procedure for purchasing real estate.

1. Professional selection of real estate, focused on the personal preferences and wishes of the buyer, the purpose of acquisition, and price category.

What should I ask a realtor about?

  • Is the room rented out?
  • Is it residential or commercial property?
  • Check the TAPU and the owner's documents.
  • The absence of encumbrances on the object
  • The seller has no debts (utilities and taxes)
  • The agency has a license and registration.

2. The contract for the purchase and sale of the object (TAPU) in triplicate, translated into convenient languages for the seller and the buyer.

What does it include?

  • The price of real estate
  • Description of the object in detail

What is included in the price (household appliances, furniture)

  • Payment schedule
  • Contact information of the parties
  • Payment schedule
  • Expenses for registration of documents (whether included in the price or paid separately)
  • Bank details
  • Consequences of refusal of the transaction by both parties, force majeure situations, or violation of the agreement

What documents are required?

  • Two copies of your passport or ID card
  • Surnames of the parents of both parties
  • Three photos

3. One of the mandatory conditions is to obtain an individual taxpayer number. Our staff will do it for you. This is necessary for many important areas, such as: obtaining telephone services, obtaining a residence permit, opening a company.

If necessary, we will assist you in opening a bank account with Russian-speaking staff. This will greatly simplify your life, and you will be able to automate the payment of utilities.

4. Payment and receipt of TAPU.

This process is carried out in the local registration authority — the Cadastral Office. After receiving a TAPU, you become the owner of a property in Turkey.

Our company will help you to register subscribers for water and electricity, connect the Internet and TV.


We investigate all customers wishes in detail to find ideal property .


The main advantage of real estate is a stable, passive cash flow.


By purchasing property in Turkey, it's possible to obtain citizenship within a few weeks.


Why You Should Work With Armoni Homes?

Armoni Homes was established by Sönmez Jewelry Construction and Tourism Limited Company. Our Company provides professional help regarding investment, construction, renting and realty purchase & sale. By offering construction and real estate services in various countries, we fulfill every request of our customers since the day our company was established. Our company, which always offers the most reasonable solutions in real estate commerce, has gained trust with the services it offers for many years. It is a fact that owning a realty in Turkey does not only mean a quality and luxurious life, it is also a great investment for the future and we try to turn this fact into an opportunity for our valued customers.