Citizenship and residence permit

The purchase of real estate in Turkey automatically gives you the right to obtain a residence permit, and after 5 years, subject to permanent residence in Turkey (no more than 180 days of absence on its territory for all 5 years) you will be able to apply for citizenship.

From January 2020, when buying a property worth $ 250,000 or more, its buyer gets the right to apply for citizenship immediately, without a five-year "internship". Moreover, in this case, not only the owner of the property but also all members of his family can obtain Turkish citizenship.

Today, this method is the fastest and most convenient for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The law specified by the President of the Republic of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, published in the Government Gazette, in 2018 under the number 30540, was amended regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by foreigners when buying real estate in Turkey. According to the decree, in order to obtain citizenship, the minimum value of real estate required from foreigners has been reduced from 1,000,000 $ to 250,000 $. The amount of deposits from 3,000,000 $ to 500,000 $.

Armoni Homes agency provides legal assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

To obtain citizenship within 2 months is required:


2. Application form.

3. Passport

4. Marriage certificate and children's birth certificate (if you have)

5. Certificate of the value of the purchased property.


* Family members are considered to be: spouse, minor children, and disabled children of any age.

*None of the properties used for obtaining citizenship in this way will be available for sale for 36 months.

*To obtain Turkish citizenship under this expedited procedure, it is absolutely not necessary to buy one expensive object (a premium-class apartment or a cottage of at least an average price category). Instead, you can purchase several relatively inexpensive objects (for example, several apartments) in order to use one of them for living and rent out the rest, compensating for your financial expenses or receiving funds to pay off the loan. The main thing is that the total cadastral value (must be specified in the TAPU) of all purchased objects should be at least 250,000 $.

The legal department of Armoni Homes will help you prepare: a full package of documents and get Turkish citizenship and a residence permit in a short time.


We investigate all customers wishes in detail to find ideal property .


The main advantage of real estate is a stable, passive cash flow.


By purchasing property in Turkey, it's possible to obtain citizenship within a few weeks.


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